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Veritone represents iconic archives from global brands and independent suppliers — creatives from all over the world, rely on Veritone to acquire the perfect content for their productions.

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Veritone is highly specialized in content licensing for advertising campaigns, films, documentaries, sports, news, and more. We work with you to discover the right content, determine how to clear it, and help to get valuable projects across the finish line.

Project Management

Veritone’s team of full-service research, footage consulting, and project management professionals provide applicable resources for all licensed projects.

Rights & Clearances

Veritone experts perform comprehensive rights and clearances as well as a clear summary of rights obtained on your behalf for the project – including the properties, term, territory, and use.

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Veritone Licensing (formerly Wazee Digital) holds the licensing rights to content from some of the most iconic rights holders around the globe such as the USTA, CBS News, CNN, The New York Times, NCAA®, Pac-12, BIG Ten, College Football Playoff, and National Geographic as well as unique independent studios and user-generated archives.

Veritone is highly specialized in content sourcing and licensing for films, documentaries, sports, news, advertising commercials and more. We work with you to discover the right content, take clearances off your shoulders, and make your projects more fun and a whole lot easier.

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Veritone’s elite licensing offering includes high-touch services supported by hands-on researchers to help you find the perfect video needed for your project

Tap Into the Most Desirable Content from Reputable Content Owners

Distinguished Sports Collection

Heart-pounding national, international, and colelgiate sports footage from the world's most elite sports entities, including NCAA, Big Ten, Pac-12, United States Tennis Association, French Tennis Federation, U.S. Soccer, and College Football Playoff.

Iconic News Collections

Current and archived footage from the world's leading editorial sources, such as Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, and The New York Times.

Leading Television Networks

Premier licensor of wildlife, nature, travel, and establishing shot footage. We work with top studios and cable networks including National Geographic.

Indie Studio Collections

Unparalleled selection of independent, professionally shot, HD high-production as well as user-generated content.

Easily find, license, and clear the footage needed for your projects